This Project taught me how to schedule and have a time table, book resources in advance. It also taught me there can be unforeseen situations (Murphy's law). For example I got sick on the day I was supposed to edit, so I could't concentrate, also the weather was cloudy for 2 days so I had to hold on the shoot. So we just have to be ready for whatever comes.
Final Thoughts
While making this final film for my final project I learned new camera techniques and edits. Which also taught me the history of VFX and and its's origins, how they are still valid in today's CG heavy VFX. In conclusion this course was an great opportunity to learn the basics of the film industry.
In the future I would like to go back and have a smoother transition in music and a cleaner masking. Then I would make the changes I was recommended in the class. For example proper color grading, pacing the second part a bit faster as suggested.
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