For the final project I am making a short film revolving around a student. This film utilizes minimum 4 of the effects/tricks learned in class. Split screen effect being the majorly used one. 
The movie starts with an establishment shot of a building where the student lives. The next shot cuts to the student sleeping, then waking up to a sound. The scene then cuts to his face centered in the frame for his reaction followed by a zolly shot. In the next shot we see a double of the subject made by using the split screen effect. His double is angry and tells him to get his act together and get ready for class or he/she might be late and would fail in class. The double then disappears, might use whistle/ split screen technique. Then we cut to the scene where the student getting ready, we see him/ her entering the room then dissolve to him/her exiting the room ready. Then we see the student running in slow motion through the streets and hallways. Then we cut to him reaching the class. Close up of his/ her hand reaching the class door, then a cut to the professor noticing the door click. Then a cut to the student entering then a cut back to the professor reaching for his phone. Then the scene changes to normal speed from slow speed. The professor points the clock to the student. The student is a minute late. He/she gets sad and is angry at himself/herself. The student searches the internet for a time travel device, and surprisingly finds it He/she buys the item, then it appears on the desk, achieved by using whistle shot. Presses the button, then we cut back to the shot at the beginning of he movie. Then we see the student warning his/her past again. Then we see same scene repeating multiple times. After a few repeats we see the student from the future warn his/her past self and then disappear. Then we cut to the student in a dark place. Then the camera zooms out and we see multiple versions of the student from different dimensions stuck in this dark space. Then we cut to the website where the student bought the device and then zoom in to the disclaimer on the screen.
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