The first week I remembered a post I had read while ago on odforce on dynamically rigging a car. I was interested and wanted to learn more about it but couldn't due to other commitments. This time I feel this is the perfect situation to use this workflow. 
The Rig is based on a simple chassis connected using different types of constraints which combine to form a suspension of the car. 

I used the same rig on the model we'll be using in our monopoly car short. which was straightforward to understand for me. But when I went ahead and started following the part to add the body on the chassis, things started getting out of my scope of understanding.
From what I can understand they use a lerp function to interpolate between movement of the wheels and translate that to the body. And for the acceleration and steering they used CHOPS which I have never used before. But I would like t learn more and use it in this project for a realistic motion and physics.

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