For last week I would like to summarize all the things I worked on while working on the project. And things I would like to change.
I started out with sourcing for the drift in shot 02. But I used the rivet node and the FBX transform to get the transform data from the wheels. I would like to change that by getting the intrinsic values from the alembic and use it to transform the smoke.
I had two different smoke sims for the drift smoke. One emitting from the bottom of the wheel and another from around the wheel. I would like to add another source with higher velocity and higher dissipation on the wheels. 
Next I worked on the money bills flying from back of the truck. It was a pretty simple setup. But the textures were swimming across the surface of the bills. I tried using the rest node but it seams like the the arnold shader doesn't seem to take the rest attribute. 
Finally I would like to have more billowy smoke for the drift and reduce the angular velocity from the dice. 
Also I would like to thank my teammates for working hard for the project even with the other projects from other classes. And thanks to the professors and The Mill for making this class happen. I learned a lot of team skills and communication skills.

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