Tire Burnout smoke R&D and lookdev
For the tire burnout when the truck starts I was thinking of little burnout smoke when the car starts and some when drifting around the corner. But for the demonstration purpose I made the tires emit all the time to show that the emitter moves along with the tires. The setup is partially procedural as it is independent of the wheels location but dependent on the area where the car moves for example if it jumps or goes below the ground.
For the reference I was looking at some tuck burnout clip on YouTube, I was mostly looking at the density and the smoke color as I am planning to not have a forced burnout. The smoke has a slight orange tint in the dense areas probably due to the roads color but I decided to go ahead with the look. 
For sourcing the pyro I used particles emitting from the base of the wheels and injected it in the sim as density and temperature. I also used the velocity from the wheels rotation to be inherited by the particles then by the pyro sim.  
For the simulation I am using the new sparse smoke solver as it makes more sense for a trailing smoke. I added a few disturb fields and most of it is driven by the velocity. I then exported it as a VDB since we will be rendering in Arnold. For the shader I am using the basic Arnold shader with a few tweaks to the parameter.

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