This week I added more of he money bills as the mentors suggested. For the second shot I added another layer of smoke to get it coming out from the sides as well and not just bottom as most of the references I was looking at did. 
For increasing the money bills I simply increase the points to scatter.
For sourcing the new smoke layer I used the wheels and used a box to boolean subtract the back part. I used the extracted geometry to compute velocity and use as an emitter for source. 
For the DOP network and exporting and re timing I am using the same setup as the first smoke. The retime node has been really useful to get a variable slo mo for smoke. But it can sometimes cause stepping issue which I have not yet been able to resolve. 
For the shader I decided to have a green tint since the board is green color and when drifting the smoke usually picks up the surface dirt and it's color. The second source for now is using density as it is from the simulation. Later I would like to remap and have it thicker at the source and lower it as it ages. Since I am using the arnold shader which doesn't have a ramp for such operation I might have to do it at sop level and have to cache out the age attribute as well. 

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